The internet is a large platform providing everything possible for human beings.. Whereas Pet Owners don’t seem to have a complete pet platform. At Cotingo we are offering a wide range of pet services that provide a complete pet solution with a click of a button. Instead of doing everything the traditional way, Cotingo will help save time and energy, with a perfect solution. Cotingo is a safe and simple platform that doesn’t require much knowledge and can be used by anybody either young or old. In the future we would like to host various Charities for the Environment, Pet Homes and a large Pet community. Our vision is to build a community where 'the insane becomes predictable'.


Customers now use traditional methods of pet shopping, finding veterinarians, trainers and adopting. To find a pet pal we need to hope that a perfect companion would be in our nearest park. Our purpose is to offer solutions to these traditional methods with a few clicks of a button while targeting people of all ages and to start a large Pet community. At Cotingo we offer these following services which will hopefully offer the necessary solution.


The blue bird in our logo has been inspired from the tropical Bird Cotinga. Contigo in Spanish translates to ‘With you’ in English which signifies that we are reliable and you can always count on us. The funky text shows the positive energy of our company. We chose blue to be the colour of our text as Blue is the colour of the sky, sea, colour of heaven, authority and most importantly the colour of the Cotinga. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and a positive impact. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It also relates to one-to-one communication. Cotingo aims to achieve the significance of the colour blue.

How It Works